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Ballantyne Family Cemetery

Name BirthDeathMiscellaneous
Ellen DerbigneyMay 31, 1839 June 20Mother of Henry Watkins and Charlie Derbigney 41 years 20 days Photo
Bertha Lili WaltherOct 18, 1881Jun 5, 1882 Here Rests Photo
L G CrowellFeb 1847Jan 10, 1879Photo Sacred to thy memory
Capt. John Henry DenysSep 24, 1815Oct 2, 1882Co I, 1 Conf Cav CSA Photo
Angela N. CookeFeb 3, 1824Sep. 21, 1880Our Mother Photo
A. B. GandyJan 22, 1830Dec 11, 1875 Photo
Harry Jan 1,JulySon Doctor and Annie E Partrick Photo
W. S. BallantyneJul 4, 1870Oct 10, 1921 Photo
J. B. BallantyneAug 13, 1829Dec 4, 1877 Born in Edinburg Scotland
Ch. M. Rivers1847?Jun 10, 1879Photo Age 32 years
Margaret BallantyneJun 28, 1828Aug 4, 1902Born in London England Photo
M. J. RiversApr 17, 1853Feb 20, 1876Back part of monument 3 names Photo
Chas. RiversDec 18, 1871Sep 19, 1875
Nellie Rivers Wife and children of Chas Rivers
Josephine F DudleyNov 12, 1866Oct 10, 1941Photo
Frances HimesNov 24, 1886Oct 11, 1888 In Memory of our little dau. Photo
D. F. HimesFeb 16, 1849Mar 23, 1886Photo
Helen HimesMar 18, 1864Oct 3, 1934Photo
Robert C Ballantyne18611954Father Photo
Ida Ballantyne18691939Mother - See photo with Robert
Andrew TaylorMar 12, 1856Apr 27, 1882 Photo Here lies waiting the resurrection morning the mortal remains of Andrew Taylor. A native of Orphys Orkney, Scotland. Killed accidently at Pinto Quarry M & P RR. This stone was erected by a few friends and fellow workmen by whom he was held in great esteem.
Wilhelmina MendekeFeb 22, 1888Dec 3, 1917Born Strassfurt Germany
August MendekeJul 28, 1838Nov 14, 1895
Geo. & Alvina ElmendorfJun 28, 1891Sep 6, 1891
Alvina ElmendorfJun 15, 1872Jul 28, 1891
August Mendeke Jr.Jun 2, 1865May 16, 1884He sleeps in God, born in Germany, died in San Antonio. The Lord loved him more than we his Loving Parents
Mother   Baby Father     Sister        Brother

The Mendeke and Elmendorf's were found in a fenced in section the Mother, baby etc., is on a stone in the middle of the fenced in area the headstones in the rear.

Another enclosed area had the graves of the Ballantyne's, the Rivers, Dudley and Himes.

These graves were identified by John and Yvonne Quigley on December 29, 1997 and all the photo's were taken that same date.

Page updated 25 oct 2009