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Veterans of Foreign Wars Cemetery

This cemetery is found next to the Masonic Cemetery, the entrance is from the Masonic Cemetery as well.
VFW Post 8360
Name of Person
Date of BirthDate of DeathMiscellaneous
Esteban M. PenaMay 24, 1911May 26, 1995US Army World War II
Juan J. Avila Jr.Mar 16, 1951Sep 12, 1970Texas, PFC 17 Engr BN 2 Armd Div, Vietnam PH
Gregorio P TerrazasOct 8, 1918Jun 19, 1944Texas, Pvt. 23 Inf. 2 Inf Div. World War II
Charles F. McGuireJul 2, 1904Oct 20, 194(1)Staff Sgt. 1640 Engr Util Det. World War II
Candelario F. MartinezFeb 2, 1923Oct 29, 1944PFC 415 Inf. 104 Div. World War II
Manuel CruzNov. 2, 1919Oct. 2, 1944Texas, Pvt. 339 Inf. 85 Inf. Div. World War II
Virginio F. UvallesSep 18, 1920Jul 31, 1943Texas, Pvt. 169 Infantry, World War II
Manuel Martinez Jr.Sep 22, 1932Nov 22, 1941Texas, Pvt. 17 Inf. 7 Inf. Div. Korea PH
Darryl Raymond EarwoodNov 15, 1914Feb 21, 1996U. S. Navy, World War II
Felipe G. HernandezFeb 10, 1894May 13, 1984Pvt. U. S. Army, World War I
Frederick K ClonceApr 30, 1919Sep 26, 1995Pvt. U. S. Army, World War II, Purple Heart
James Joel WatsonMay 2, 1914May 17, 1993RDM2 U. S. Navy, World War II
Daniel Diaz GarzaJan 21, 1931Feb 7, 1969Texas, PFC Btry. B, AAA Air BN, Korea

This cemetery was visited on December 29, 1997, documented by John and Yvonne VINCENT, CARPENTER, QUIGLEY.

Page updated 25 Oct 2009